Contractors I Like

I really like plumbers. Plumbers are really good because they do stuff that I don’t like to do. I don’t want to get my hands wet. I don’t like to climb under the sink or under the house. They get paid for it. But I don’t want to and if I have to, I would much rather pay someone to do it for me.
An electrician is similar because he knows what to do. I don’t know what to do.

You know who I love the best is roofing Wellington, I love roofers because they climb on roofs and I don’t like climbing on roofs. I would rather sit in the pub and drink beer, that is much more enjoyable.

An electrician does though and that’s why he is so useful. If I have no electrician but I need to fix the light, well I can’t. All I can do is sit in the dark. So that’s why electricians are very good. I like electricians because they can do things that I cannot do. And I like planing contractors because they also like to do things that I do not like to do.

There are other contractors, for example people who do paving – they put the tiles down on the floor and stuff like that. And that’s great, tilers are very useful people. If you can get a tiler to put tiles down on the floor then you don’t have to walk on the concrete tiles like a very nice floor. Without tiles on the floor what are you going to walk on? You could have wood on the floor, that’s okay. But then you would need a carpenter. Carpenters can make many things out of wood. I like carpenters because they can make tables, and chairs, and other things that are made of wood.

A plumber has to work with pipes and because he works with pipes the water can flow through the pipes. This is very useful because as long as the water is flowing through a pipe it is not flowing onto the ground or onto your face. If the water flows onto your face, and not in a pipe, that is not good – that is bad. If the water is ever flowing all over the floor or onto your face, it is important to call a plumber straight away. You should already know that.

When employing a contractor (whether it’s a plumber, carpenter, roofing contractor or whatever) it’s very important that you don’t pay everything before they start because they might run away before they finish the job. You need to save some money until they’re finished and then when they’re finished then they get the rest of the money. So maybe you might pay them I half of it before they start and then the second half can they can receive after they’re finished.

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